PUSH has provided me with a great gym along with a very knowledgeable private trainer who has made meeting my strength and flexibility goals easier than I expected. My improved flexibility and increased strength has given me more distance of the golf tee. Working out two to three times a week has given me much more energy throughout the day. The best antidote for aging!
— Mark Abrams
I have never stuck with an exercise program more than a month or two before... I have now been a client at PUSH for over four years. The variety of workouts they offer and the results they produce are second to none.
— David Scott
PUSH is what you want in a training studio: a fully-equipped gym that will challenge every muscle. PUSH trainers are what you need to achieve strength, weight loss, and endurance goals: knowledgeable and personable professionals to get you there. The payoff: twenty-five pounds lighter and several notches on a belt. Wish all my investments were so transformative!
— Neil Lipinski
I began coming to PUSH in 2013 as part of a weight loss effort. The workouts became the centerpiece for a lifestyle shift to healthier eating and more energy. The trainers aim to tailor every workout. They are non-judgmental and holistic. I found the whole atmosphere non-intimidating and welcoming, especially as a novice. As I continued coming 1-2 times a week, I noted a marked increase in my strength, balance, and overall energy and focus. The benefits of personal training so close by and accessible are myriad: better eating habits, better posture, better mood, overall more awareness of health issues. The scheduling is always flexible and easy; workouts are always on time, and the privacy is an added bonus, not to mention the convenience of the S Buckhout Street location.
— Tuvan Bain